South Beach Casino founded in 2005, is one of the best resorts located in Scanterbury, Manitoba and is owned by the 7 First nations in Manitoba. It has been rated 8 out of 10 points by Expedia Canada and Tripadvisor rates it 4.5 out of the total of 5 points in their rating system.

It works under the influence of Southeast Resource Development Council corporation and was initially developed by Hemisphere gaming, Minnesota. There is a management agreement till 2028 with the Hemisphere gaming. Except for the three holidays including the Christmas day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday the casino stays open all year round.

The guests can dine, play their favourite games and stay at a luxurious resort having all the amenities ready to serve. There are luxury suites, rooms and stay at the resort packages.

You may dine at Mango’s restaurant, enjoy at Blue Dolphin’s lounge having free live entertainment programs Fridays and Saturdays, or enjoy beverages at the South Beach Cafe.

Talking about the casino facility, we can say that it’s one of the exciting casino people always     is looking for. There are about 600 slot machines, blackjack table games, and other games including a live poker room and much more. Other attractions include Golf courses, beach parks, etc.

You can also enjoy beach bucks rewards as being a beach club member and win exciting offers,      use them in games or cash out as real money. The most attractive thing is that you can enjoy     the whole tour in a smoke-free environment in the casino. The casino offers a responsible gaming environment and promotes a safe and healthy environment for the players. You may expect safe and secure transactions through trusted resources and sufficient care is being practiced to avoid any malfunctions.