Slots have been the most favourite games of all times in the casino gaming zone. Many people only visit their favourite casinos, just to make sure they will win big through slots. With the advent of online casino gaming industry and the emergence of numerous online slots, the slots have become even more exciting with new features and benefits for the players.

In the past, there was only one type of slot machines which were there in almost all casinos. But today, you can find numerous kinds of slot machine shaving exciting prizes and options that you can select according to your demand.

Here are a few different types of online slots machines you can enjoy anywhere, anytime:

Traditional or classic slots

The classic slots offer a three reel slot machine having symbols and picture on them. Though this kind of slot machines was of mechanical in nature, but after the advent of modern slots and online gaming, the slots are available in digital format which is operated by the software that generates random results and gives an equal chance to win the slots.

Video slots online

Online video slots are somewhat classic slots type as having the same traditional slots design, but they come with 3-5 reel spinning at once. In addition to that, the slot reels have modern designs and latest characters on them.

Mega spin slots

Mega spin slots use the classic 3 reel design, but use 3 to 9 slots spinning at the same time and give you big rewards after winning the slot.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are the slots having a progressive reward that builds up every time a player goes through one slot. Such slots give huge prizes and rewards.