Most of the online casino players try to find most trusted and worthy gaming sites that offer high-class gaming opportunities and fantastic bonuses they would love to win. In Canada, there are numerous online casinos offering attractive promotional offers and free bonuses in the form of free plays, free spins, and free reward credits.

Many new players get attracted toward the free plays and bonuses and they sign up for the online casino they want to play with. But before you make your final decision and sign up with any casino, no matter how many attractive offers are there, you should compare some of the favorite casinos with each other.

Comparing each of the casinos either feature wise or through reading the numerous reviews shared by their regular customers can help you know the casino functionality, games, and payout percentages along with their whole environment.

When you start reading the reviews and try to compare them together, you may need to compare a few key features which are important for you to know. Here are some of the basic things you will be comparing:

The licensing company

The first thing you should know is the licensing company through which the online casino has been authorized and the operator of the casino, so that you know if you are playing with a legit and authorized casino facility.

The payout percentage

Make sure you consider the payout percentage because it indicates the real cash out the percentage of any casino that is accessed by the third party or company for fair details.

Payout timing

Always consider the casino that payout within 1-3 days, which depicts the legit casino functionality.

Games and offers

More games and bonuses are always good. You may choose the one which offers the required or your favourite gaming options.

Customer support

A reliable customer support is always a plus point for most of the casinos. So if you could have a live phone call, live chat or contact via email, then it’s the best option for you.